Integrating Societal Impact in a Research and Innovation Strategy

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Online, Via Zoom

1 – 4 March 2022
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What is the social impact of research investment? For some, the impact is so obvious the question doesn't need to be asked. Others want to measure the exact impact to ensure no money is wasted, or to optimise the impact. Most people working in research as a scientist, policymaker, research manager, or adviser find themselves somewhere in the middle. They are looking for ways to advance, assess and communicate the impacts of scientific research.

This hands-on, online interactive course will build your skills, increase your knowledge and provide you with approaches to help in identifying the social impacts of research investment. The course provides a venue to share a common understanding and language around societal impact, so that impact strategies can be integrated within institutional or regional research strategies.

The meeting provides you with the latest knowledge and experiences to help you apply basic principles in practice. You will have the opportunity to meet experts and peers from multiple countries who are leading innovation in research funding approaches. After the course you will be able to work more systematically to organize a research strategy that strengthens the societal impact of your research or the research program you manage or fund.

With the growing national and international interest in improving societal impacts of research, this online course comes at an exciting time.

Target audience

  • Research councils and research foundations
  • Managers of University research
  • All professionals involved in stimulating social impact or science
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This course will be hosted online via ZOOM