Open Science & Societal Impact

Helsinki, Finland

14 April 2022

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In order to advance the impact of science and address global challenges, timely access to credible information sources is imperative. Concealing knowledge behind subscription paywalls can stand as a roadblock towards advancements in innovation, research quality, integrity, efficiency, social welfare, and public trust and engagement.

While many libraries in the wealthiest universities are able to arm their academics with subscriptions to a wide range of journals and thereby lessening the need for Open Access, certain stakeholder groups continue to lack access such as institutions with limited resources, and those outside of academia such as civil servants looking to construct evidence-based policies, communicators seeking to share the latest scientific findings, businesses looking to drive innovation using academic knowledge.

In recent years, with the advent of initiatives such as Plan S calling for more and more publicly funded research to be published under an open license, matters of access are steadily being addressed. Moving towards open practices in science has no doubt led to efficiency in information-sharing, the democratisation of access to knowledge, and the involvement of the wider public in scientific discourse. Yet, it must not be overlooked that the priority to make research findings available openly and quickly — such as through preprint servers — may come at the cost of quality, having not undergone stringent peer-review, and potentially (and inadvertantly) promote misinformation.

With these progresses as well as challenges in mind, we proudly bring the discussion of Open Science to Finland, where the ‘Declaration of Open Science and Research 2020-2025’ authored by the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies (TSV) has put the themes of Open Access, Open Data, and Open Education at the forefront in the Finnish Science Eco-system and research community.

We look forward to welcoming you to this seminar, where experts involved in Open Science initiatives will create insights on responsible practices in Open Science and Research, and explore strategies for open access, data and education in the Finnish eco-system and beyond.


Main topics

  • Open Science for societal good;
  • Incentivisation strategies & policies that may be put in place to stimulate Open Science;
  • Safe spaces to facilitate open scientific discourse in academia, and between academics and other stakeholder groups;
  • Examining geopolitical implications of global policies for access to scholarly publications and research data;
  • Open Science policies and practices to foster public trust and understanding in science;
  • Next steps towards effective knowledge exchange in an international open science landscape.


Target groups

Research managers & administrators ∙ Librarians ∙ Funders ∙ Policy-makers

Publishers ∙ Scientometricians ∙ Other stakeholders of Impact & Open Science




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