Big Data Patterns & Signals for Science

Webinar on 24 October 2017 – 16.00h (4pm) CEST

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Background and reasoning

In this webinar, co-hosted by Clarivate Analytics, we will explore current trends in big data technology as applied to scientific publication and intellectual property data. The Clarivate Analytics team, along with several key university partners, will present an overview of current predictive analytics technologies using these data as well as practical case studies highlighting the value and usefulness of these approaches to analysing the societal impact of science and innovation.

Clarivate Analytics uses its Data analytic tools to investigate and optimise opportunities that derive from the university research base which can be applied for industrial purposes. These purposes may include patent analytics, regulatory standards, pharmaceutical and biotech intelligence, trademark and domain brand protection and IPR issues.

This webinar will help you in gaining insight on how Big Data analytics helps you to predict the Societal Impact of Academic research, and intends to dive deeper into this topic from the viewpoints of:

    • Eamon Duede, Executive Director, KnowledgeLab, University of Chicago, USA
      Big Data, Innovation, and Insights into the Complexities of the Scientific Enterprise
    • Gaétan de Rassenfosse, Chair of Innovation and IP Policy, EPFL, Switzerland
      “IPRoduct: Tracing innovations in the market place”
    • Jason Rollins, Senior Director of Innovation, Clarivate Analytics, San Francisco, USA. Triple Helix Collaborations—Engines for Applied Research & Scientific Success


The webinar will take about 50 minutes, in which there will be presentations by three experts. Each expert will give a presentation of under 10 minutes, so there will be plenty of time for discussion with the other speakers and questions from the audience.

Eamon DuedeEamon Duede is responsible for coordinating day-to-day research activities at the University of Chicago’s KnowledgeLab. He drives key negotiations and acts as a high-level interface between the Center, its partners, and industry. Eamon has spearheaded the major technical shift to cloud implementations of KnowledgeLab's exploratory research tools and datasets. Eamon holds undergraduate and advanced degrees in philosophy and has served as an instructor of various logics, and a lecturer in philosophy (ethics, epistemology, and the history of philosophy). He is also interested in the philosophy of biology, logics, and mathematics.

Gaétan de RassenfosseGaétan de Rassenfosse is Assistant Professor (tenure track) at the Institute of Technology and Public Policy at the College of Management of Technology, EPFL, Switzerland, since late 2014. He holds the Chair of Innovation and IP Policy. Prior to joining the EPFL, he was a senior research fellow at the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Melbourne (Australia). He obtained his PhD in Economics from the Université libre de Bruxelles (Belgium), Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, in 2010.

Jason RollinsJason Rollins leads innovation initiatives for Clarivate Analytics driving novel new solutions for millions of users in the global academic research and intellectual property community. As well, he manages big data co-innovation partnerships with major university research labs. Jason is an inventor of a dozen U.S. and international patents and author of scores of articles and technical reports. He has experience as a mentor for government and university innovation programs and several Silicon Valley start-ups. He earned his PhD from Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA) where his dissertation research was supported by a U.S. National Science Foundation grant.

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Practical details

Date & Time: 24 October 2017 - 16.00h (4pm) CEST
Location: Online, using the software GoToWebinar