Brussels, Belgium

19, 20 November 2019

EU Funding for UAS

Universities of Applied Sciences are increasingly more in the position to apply for EU funding for research. Several national and EU programmes have already been drawing more attention and now the new framework programme Horizon Europe will present itself as an excellent opportunity for Universities of Applied Sciences to attract funding and strengthen their research programmes. The chances of receiving this funding grow when institutions are well aware of the conditions achieving and describing both research excellence as wel as societal impact.

This 2-day course invites research managers and administrators to profit from the knowledge of our Impact and EU experts and put these insights to practice. The course will map out the manners in which Universities of Applied Sciences can best benefit from the possibilities of EU research, as regards Horizon Europe and other available EU programmes. We will discuss the political positioning of Universities of Applied Sciences in EU-context, as well as how you, as a representative of Universities of Applied Sciences, can best prepare for pooling resources from the EU. A mission-oriented institutional strategy including societal impact, will be part of this. Finally, you will gain insight in how you can effectively manage EU research once you have acquired these resources and prepare for future steps.

Together with the previously mentioned experts, as well as the other participants who have travelled from many different countries, and therefore research eco-systems, you will be able to discuss experiences, best-practices and common obstacles and their solutions, which creates a large pool of sources to form your own strategy to apply when you return to your own institutions.


Main Themes

Positioning UAS in Horizon Europe context

Integrating impact in a research strategy

Effective collaboration for EU funding

Successful applications of EU Research


We look forward to welcoming you in Brussels!


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Confirmed trainers

Daniëlle de Boer

Daniëlle de Boer

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Otto Bruun

Otto Bruun

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Bruno van Koeckhoven

Bruno van Koeckhoven

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Course Venue

Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)

Rue du Trône 62
1050 Ixelles

Visit to the European Parliament

Tuesday November 19th from 16:30-17:30
Paul-Henri Spaak Building

Rue Wiertz / Wiertzstraat 60
B-1047 Brussels

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