Access to EU research funding by stimulating and demonstrating Societal Impact (2021)

Brussels, Belgium

8 – 10 December 2021

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Access to EU research funding by stimulating and demonstrating Societal Impact

Research institutions, most notable Universities (of Applied Sciences) throughout the EU are increasingly in the position to apply for EU research funding. Several EU initiatives were launched to give Universities access to these grants in order to strengthen their research programmers. To increase the chances of receiving this funding, it is important to know how the EU decides on these applications and understand the role of demonstrating the Societal Impact of the research project in this process.

This 3 day course invites research managers and administrators to profit from the knowledge of our Impact and EU experts to put their insights to practice. The course will map out recent insights and results on measuring the impact of EU research and outline how the Union defines societal and economic impact. We will discuss how universities and universities of applied sciences can improve the demonstration of “impact” in their EU research funding applications and provide tools to optimise this even further by using the format of a Research Consortium. This will include a segment with tips and tricks to help you to successfully apply for EU funding.

Together with experts in the field and other participants from all over Europe, representing a variety of contexts and a wide range of experiences, you will be able to discuss best practices to find solutions to shared problems and strengthen both research excellence as well as societal impact. Finally, we will convert our knowledge into practice and do a case-study exercise which creates a large pool of sources to enhance your access to EU funding for your research projects.


Main themes

Taking an active role within an EU research strategy

Integrating impact in an institutional research strategy

Effective collaboration for EU funding

Successful applications of EU Research

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Brussels, Belgium

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