Societal Impact of Science: Methods & Instruments for Assessment 2023

It was wonderful to find so many ambitious representatives of Higher Education Institutions, keen to make a difference in the world and coming together to help showing and promoting such ambitions

Fantastic to have so much knowledge in the room!

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London, United Kingdom

8 – 10 March 2023

Science funders, research councils and universities, amongst others all over the world, put more and more emphasis on the societal impact of research. In the UK, for example, government spending has increased on mission-oriented funds such as ARPA, and knowledge-exchange activity assessment, such as KEF. However, assessing the societal impact of universities is complicated. The assessments need to account for all scientific disciplines and should ideally capture long-term impact in addition to direct impact in society. Recognising that it may not be possible to assess the full spectrum of impact of universities, it is useful to focus on which key performance indicators do make sense, especially if the data can be collected in a structured way. And even then there can often be a mismatch between what is assessed and what is meant to be assessed, which is why there is more attention needed for “responsible metrics”.

This course will focus primarily on the questions of how research institutes may develop their own “Impact portfolio” and how they and other institutions can create assessment systems to serve their strategy, and it will create insight in the currently available information systems and methods to assess impact and how to implement this in a research strategy.

Target groups:

  • Managers and Strategists at Research institutes
  • Funders for scientific research
  • Users and developers of Research Information Systems
  • Scientometricians & Librarians



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Confirmed trainers

David Phipps

David Phipps

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Jonathan Grant

Jonathan Grant

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Course venue

King's College Londen

Strand building, Strand Campus

London WC2R 2LS