The AESIS Network is managed by the office of ScienceWorks, a Dutch company that supports the process of value creation out of scientific research for society. We are pleased to serve at AESIS!


Frank ZwetslootFrank Zwetsloot

The founder of ScienceWorks. With twenty years of experience at Erasmus University and at Science Alliance, you may state rightly that “knowledge transfer” has become the second nature of Frank. In this period he founded almost ten organisations to structure the exchange of scientific knowledge, including the European leading organization on knowledge transfer, ASTP and The network of knowledge regions Technopolicy. At ScienceWorks he developed several measurement systems in order to measure knowledge transfer (Valorisatieranking) and science based regional development.
His motto: “One discovery may create a thousand new realities


Anika Duut van GoorAnika

As General Manager Anika is responsible for expanding the AESIS Network and the organisation of the Impact of Science conference, courses and other events. She has a background in political science research at Leiden University (NL) and event coordination for Médecins du Monde and TEDx. This is reflected in the combination of professionalism and excitement she brings to the job. Her motto: “Tomorrow is too late, yesterday is over. Now is exactly the right time!”

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ElineEline Kemperman

As the Conference- and Office Manager, Eline is responsible for the logistical organisation of the activities, the CRM system and secretarial tasks. Her study in International Facility Management and her working experience in hotels and restaurants, make her a hostess both within and outside the office.
Her motto: “Your only limit is you”

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Woutje van WiggenWoutje (4)

Woutje is working as a Project Manager at the AESIS Network. Her primary focus is managing AESIS’s annual ‘Impact of Science’ conference, which this year takes place in Ottawa, Canada; furthermore, she devotes her time to the daily activities that are part of the growing AESIS Network. She is a recent graduate of the liberal arts and sciences degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE), which reflects her broad interest in the interaction between such interdisciplinary fields. Being a dancer in her free time, she has a flexible attitude and knows how to manoeuvre gracefully through certain challenges.
Her motto: “Don’t think outside the box; think as if there is no box.”

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Peter-Jan van der VeekPeter Jan (3)

As a project manager, Peter-Jan is responsible for the organisation of courses, conferences and other AESIS events. Further activities include news releases, strategy and contact expanding within the AESIS network. He did a research master in life science and now likes to focus on the impact of scientific research on business and society.
His motto: “Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens”

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Claar-Els van DelftPeter Jan (3)

For 18 years Claar-Els is managing networks and organising congresses at the interface of science and society. Today, she is working as networkmanager for two days a week. She slaves for two of her favorite congresses, the Student Research Conference and The Cambridge Council. Additionally, she is working on a new one-day event for AESIS in Berlin.
Her motto: “A leap in cold water makes the day.

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