Monday 12 June
I Policy Strategies & Mechanisms for Impact Alan I. Leshner, Karen Maex, Jan-Eric Sundgren, Rosalinde van der Vlies and Ute Günther
II Alliances with goverment

Alliances with industry

Alliances with industry – Ambra Trotto

Alliances with civil society

Assessing progress

Ingrid Petersson, Tobin Smith and David Sweeney

Martin Kern and Cynthia Cliff

Ambra Trotto

Frank Miedema, Emily Richardson and Jack Spaapen

Göran Marklund, Sean Newell, Steven Wooding and Laura Hillier

III Research councils

Impact through education

Global challenges

Collaboration and impact

Sven Stafström, Pauline Tay and Dr. B. Mario Pinto

David Sweeney, Anika Pontén and Alan I. Leshner

David Phipps, Giorgio Claroti and Åsa Persson

Anders Karlsson, Andreas Göthenberg and Laura Fedorcio

IV Sweden Impact Award
V Measuring Impact beyond the h-index Lesley Thompson and Frank Miedema


Tuesday 13 June
VII Creating international standards for raising impact Dame Anne Glover and Daya Reddy
VIII Utilisation of research

Public engagement

Evidence-informed policymaking

Evidence-Informed Policymaking –  André Martinuzzi

Joint definitions

Lars Hultman, Martin Hynes and Anna Sandström

Alan I. Leshner, Silaporn Buasai and Fredrik Brounéus

Dame Anne Glover and Mats Benner

André Martinuzzi

Frank Zwetsloot, Anssi Mälkki and Gunnar Sivertsen

IX Panel