Dear Impact of Science Conference 2018 attendee,

Please find the presentations of the conference below. Do note that some will not be made available as they were not to be distributed publicly.

June 14, 2018

Plenary Opening with Koenraad Debackere, Rush Holt, David Sweeney, Mona Nemer, Burton Lee, and Yuko Harayama.

Parallel sessions block II:
Measurement tools with Chris James, Sean Newell, and Susan Renoe.
Internal Evaluation Policies with David Phipps (replacing Robert Haché), Katharine Barker, and Barend van der Meulen.
Assessment for Funders with David Sweeney, Cara Tannenbaum, Jonathan Adams, and Cassidy Sugimoto.
Indicators for SSH Impact with Brent Herbert-Copley, Claire Donovan, and Gabriel Miller.

Parallel sessions block III:
Entrepreneurial knoweldge transfer with Cynthia Goh, Charlotta Nordenberg, and Tamika Heiden.
Global Challenges Issues with Jean Lebel, Rob Annan, and David Phipps.
Collaboration with industry with Yuko Harayama, Magnus Gulbrandsen, and Ridha Ben-Mrad.
Community Engagement with Wendy Naus, Richard Gordon, and Crystal Tremblay.

International collaboration to address impact in broader challenges + interactive debate with recommendations of the sessions on Thursdaywith Stephane Berghmans, Martin Kirk, Alfred LeBlanc, David Sweeney, and Wendy Naus.

June 15, 2018
Plenary opening and The Government as a user of science with Koenraad Debackere, Molly Shoichet, Louise Poissant (replacing Rémi Quirion, and Jeremy Ayers.

Results and Delivery in the Science Eco-system with Chad Hartnell.

Parallel sessions block VIII:
Research policy and strategy Smith, Kobsda, Salinero with Toby Smith, Christian Kobsda, and Kennan Salinero.
Big Science and infrastructure with Laura Hillier, Mikael Östling, and Jonathan Bagger.
Applied Research Institutes with Christine Trauttmansdorff, André Roos, and David Berthiaume.
Interdisciplinary approach with Amy Cook, Jonathon Moir, Katherina Amato, and Alice Rajewsky.

Plenary closing: recommendations of the sessions on Friday, and How to implement an impact strategy in Canada? with Koenraad Debackere, Kathryn Graham, Pari Johnston.