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The AESIS Network shares experiences, ideas and best practices regarding demonstrating and stimulating the societal impact of science on an ongoing basis. To this purpose, the network does not only organise activities directly related to the mission, but also collects and distributes relevant publications, discussions and opinions in a (bi)monthly newsletter. The AESIS Network offers these, and more, services through a membership structure. In order to open up to as many people as possible and to build up a large community, the membership is free of charge.

As a member of the AESIS community you will receive access to:

  • an extended network of peers and experts on impact
  • a specified interest group network
  • the latest news on impact
  • a platform for sharing institutional performances and scientometric publications
  • reduced participation fees for all activities of the Network and partners

If you are a professional, involved in the demonstration or stimulation of societal impact, AESIS is the network for you! We will help you to improve your insights in advancing and demonstrating societal impact of science, needed for:

  • attracting funds through research councils and other funding agencies;
  • creating alliances and consortia with societal partners;
  • evaluation of researchers and their research programs.

You can become a member by submitting this form.

AESIS Membership Plus

The AESIS Network is currently working on its next step towards a closer community, in order to increase the sharing of knowledge and best practices on societal impact. We will take our platform to the next level through a new "AESIS+" membership, in addition to the free membership. The AESIS+ membership will include more features and an online platform to connect directly with other members. For €95 per year AESIS+ members will receive year round connection with other experts, the opportunity to share important news, reports and publications, and access to the content of past AESIS events. The current free AESIS membership and its features will still be available next to the AESIS+ membership.

If you would like to know more about the upcoming expansion of the AESIS membership and its features, or you would like to pre-register for an AESIS+ membership to receive a discount of €45 for your first year of membership, please contact


Institutional Members

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