Understanding causalities, correlations and pre-conditions for the different dimensions of societal impact of science

6-7 June 2019 in Berlin, Germany


Many national Science Eco-system Strategists stand on the verge of some steady but fascinating developments, influenced by changing regional, national and international contexts. The newly introduced Horizon Europe R&D Program stands for the aim of moving Europe forward on its way to becoming a worldwide innovation leader, by trying to incentivise academic-industry cooperation. At the same time many countries, including Germany, have the aim to broadening the view from impact to the economy to societal impact at large. This fosters discussions on key performance indicators and how we can measure the impact om research whether to focus on evaluation of quantifiable output or the hardly measureable impact. Finally, the expanding influence of open-access science publishing movements, such as Plan S, fuels discussion about the effects on research excellence and impact.

The AESIS Network has successfully organised the annual conference ‘Impact of Science’ six times, bringing together experts such as R&D evaluators, university managers, research councils, policy makers, funders, and other stakeholders of impact. The goal is sharing, evaluating and discussing best practices around the world on:

  • Policy strategies for societal impact
  • Creating (long-term) alliances between stakeholders
  • Regional, national and international instruments for evaluating and achieving impact
  • Current issues on i.e. public engagement, evidence-based policy, interdisciplinary approaches and harmonising definitions and assumptions.

In its approaches the AESIS Network is convinced that societal impact:

  • can only be robust based on a well-balanced insight on how the impact of science on society can be measured;
  • should investigate the impact of the humanities, the social sciences and the hard sciences in one comparable approach for accountability;
  • should include both the societal impact of scientific research and university education.

The political momentum and current research eco-system in Germany are an excellent and indeed inspirational context to foster the worldwide debates on impact. At the same time, several international perspectives can offer valuable and critical evaluations to the current progress and obstacles in Germany. Thus, the AESIS Network and its partners are excited to organise the ’Impact of Science 2019’ conference in Berlin.

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The Impact of Science programme is being made possible with the help of our Local Advisory Committee Germany:

Jakob Edler
MinDir Matthias Graf von Kielmansegg*
Volker Meyer Guckel
Katrin Rehak-Nitsche
Matthias Gottwald
Wolfgang Rohe
Wilhelm Krull
Dietmar Harhoff
Stephan Hornbostel


Fraunhofer Institute
Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany

Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft
Robert Bosch Stiftung
Bayer AG, Germany
Mercator Foundation
Volkswagen Stiftung
Max Planck Institute
Humboldt University



Conference Venue
Allianz Forum
Pariser Platz 6,
10117 Berlin, Duitsland

6-7 June 2019

Allianz Forum
Pariser Platz 6,
10117 Berlin, Duitsland

This course is organised by the AESIS Network.

The registrations are opened on this website. Early bird tickets are available until February 28th (23.59 EST).

Costs include two lunches, a networking reception, refreshments, and conference documentation.

Early bird: Fee members of AESIS & partner networks 500,00
Early bird: Fee Non-members 550,00
Fee members of AESIS & partner networks 550,00
Fee Non-members 595,00

On 6 June 2019, location and time to be announced. The costs for this dinner are €65,-

On 5 June 2019, location and time to be announced. The costs for this are €30,-

Payment of the participation fee should happen before the conference starts. You will receive an invoice together with the confirmation. Payments have to be made in Euro at your discretion and are free of all bank and other charges. Personal or company cheques are not accepted. All amounts are excluding VAT, if applicable.

If you are unable to attend the conference it is permitted to allow someone else to participate in your stead, if the name of the replacement is communicated before the start of the conference to the organisers. Cancellation without cost is possible until April 25th 2019. If you cancel between April 25th and May 16th 2019, we will invoice €95 administration costs. After May 16th 2019, you owe us the full amount.

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Iris Vennis – Project Manager

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